Our camping trip to Dibba, Oman - Day 2

This is the second day of our camping trip to Dibba, Oman. Read about our adventures on day 1 here.

Day 2
Somewhere between 00:00 to 05:00 - We heard loud voices, a vehicle engine revving and woke up with a start. Until then I was sound asleep. Suzie is a light sleeper, specially in new places and had been awake for some time. Jordan didn't wake up through any of this. It seemed (from the sounds of it), that around two to three people were trying to do Dune bashing on the beach. It was a clear moonlit night and was the perfect time for it though it disturbed our sleep. I was too sleepy to get out and check what was going out and in around 30 minutes, all the hullabaloo died down and I was fast asleep again.

05:45 - The wind was picking up and knocking on our tent. That made us wake up for the morning. Daylight was breaking and it was great waking up outdoors for the very first time.
The sunrise on the East Coast
The cliff we camped next to
Getting ready for the morning
06:00 - We had our breakfast of fruits and crosiants along with steaming hot cups of Ceylon tea courtesy of Suzie. Jordan also woke up on his own and was revving up to explore the sand dunes and the beach.

Suzie and Jordan getting ready with the beach gear
07:00 - We started to explore the sand dune leading upto the Cliff face. Jordan took his truck "Rumble" half-way up the dune before "Rumble" ran out of fuel (or Jordan had enough of pulling him). It was a superb view up their and nice place to take photos of the beach and the sorrounding area. Jordan was able to roll down the sand dune and had the time of his life.

Jordan busy with a bucket. Rumble abandoned half-way up the dune.

Shadow Magic

View over the dune

The coastline from top of the Dune. Right bottom corner stands our tents

Rumble (from "Bob the Builder") working on the beach
08:00 - Time to head to the water for a swim. Jordan was more interested in the sand than in the surf. We had a great time in the water which was clear and allowed us to collect sea-shells and corals at the bottom. Later we dug a hole in the sand and made a tunnel leading to it. Jordan had a great time frolicking in the sand and water.

Water Fun. Water was a little chilly but the Sun warmed us up
09:00 - It started getting hotter and it was time for us to pack up and head on out. We packed up the gear and loaded the SUV to head back Home. We planned on visiting Dibba Castle, Al Bidiyah Mosque, Wadi Wurayah, Khor-Fakkan Beach and then heading straight home.

Packed and ready to go...
10:00 - We finally left our camping ground and went off to find the Dibba Castle which was on the Omani Side. We did find a sign-board which was of no help at all. Finally stopping at a government Building, we got help from an Omani gentleman who did not understand a word I spoke. Finally, I managed to show him the UAE OFF-ROAD book which had a paragraph written about "Dibba Castle". This gentleman was able to read English and he showed me the way and even offered to send someone to guide me along. He even tried to phone the castle office and let me know that I was coming (from what I understood). I was taken aback by the politness and helpfulness of this Omani gentleman. I actually interacted with only four Omani nationals on both days and was very pleased with their hospitality. The Dibba Castle visit was worth it. We all enjoyed the majesty of the castle and Jordan was the happiest of all.

The warning signs - I guess it is for the flash floods which occur here

Getting ready to visit Dibba Castle

The prayer room inside the Castle

Up to the Towers - even the Whale

Inside the Tower - Suzie and Jordan

The view from the tower

Great balls of canon fire

A Watch-tower in Dibba Castle

The view over the castle walls

Jordan and Me on the ramparts

Stepping down the outer ramparts

My Castle

Pigeon about to be chased...

Flying Jordan
11:00 - We were on our way again back to the UAE Border Checkpoint. On the way it was interesting to see the unique style in which the roundabouts were watered in this part of Oman. We patiently waited behind a water bowser which was going around the roundabout while a guy held a hose of gushing water on the greenary. Best part was, at the end of the watering session, there were around 10 cars held up and there was not a single toot from one.

Unique way to water the flowered Roundabout
12:00 - Back in the UAE and we were on our way to our next destination - The Al Badiyah Mosque. The Al Badiyah Mosque is the oldest mosque in the UAE and is still in use for worship.

Shark Roundabout

View from top of Al Badiyah Watch Tower

Al Badiyah Watch Tower

Jordan wants an even higher vintage point

Jordan on top of the watch tower loft

I'm tired! Jordan resting Arabic Style.

Write-up about the Al Bidiyah Mosque

Al Bidiyah Mosque
13:00 - We had a quick stop for lunch. Mandi Biriyani again at a way-side cafeteria. The mandi Biriyani is eaten community style, that is, you don't get individual plates to eat. It was very strange for us to eat like that. But as the saying goes "In Rome, do what the Romans do". Then we headed off to Wadi Wurayah which was around three kilometres away...

The clouds in the sky and the open road...

Jordan's "Blue Sky"
14:00 - The drive on Wurayah Wadi bed was superb. If you are going by car, you would need to hike it along the Wadi bed since going in the SUV itself was quite challenging due to the sharp rocks on the path. As it was my first trip and since we were alone, I was very cautious as well. We met a couple of families in their 4WDs, and two european ladies walking to the waterfall as well. We did not complete the journey to the waterfall since Jordan was more interested in climbing the rocks. We hiked about a little bit and then turned back to head-off home. For a first-time wadi-bashing, I guess this was a good start.

Least expected place to find "ONE DNATA" adverts!

Jordan scaling the cliff face

On the Wadi Wurayah Bed

Inside the Wadi bed

Coming out of Wadi Wurayah
15:00 - Suzie took the wheel once we were out of the Wadi bed since my arms needed some rest. It's great having a fellow driver, since I could catch a few winks as well.
Then on, it was 120KMPH again back Home. Suzie been a new driver, got the hang of overtaking the massive trucks on the highways and yet kept a speed of over 100KMPH.
We did a stop at Khor-Fakkan Beach. But Jordan was fast asleep in his car-seat and didn't wake up even after a few shakes as well. So we did not get out and continued our journey back home.

Suzie at the wheel, from Wadi Wurayah to Korf-Fakkan

Khor-Fakkan Beach and the Harbour beyond
16:00 - We went though Fujairah, Masafi, Al Dhaid back to Sharjah. Just before Al Dhaid, we used the HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles) Toll route to avoid Al Dhaid Town. We felt miniscule driving next to those huge trucks. Jordan, needless to say, was very excited.

Passing the Oil Refinery in Fujairah
17:00 - Back Home in Sharjah. We were tired, but very happy.

Overall it was one of the best two days we have spent out of our home. The camping was great and makes us just want to go off on many more adventures. We were a little tired with the journey back, but totally refreshed to face the rat-race (school and work) starting on Monday.

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