In search of the Golden Tulip

This is my Project Four Toastmaster speech delivered yesterday, 30th May 2012...
The video is here and the transcript could be found below.

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Tulips are white,
or so I thought.

Toastmaster of the day, Fellow Toastmasters and dear Guest. Good Evening.
Have you ever seen a Golden Tulip?
Have you seen it's beauty?
Have you been mesmerised by it's wonder?

I have and I will tell you how I went in search of the Golden Tulip

It was a warm Spring day. The birds chirping, the wind blowing and obviously the sounds of vehicles whizzing past.

But we, that is my wife Suzie, my son Jordan and I, were oblivious to the sound as we drove in search of that elusive Tulip. The golden yellow sands on either side of the road, glistened with sunlight as we ate up the miles.

The sandy deserts yielded their secrets both large and small. Jordan counted 22 camels in a caravan. We stopped and watched them in the blazing noon heat. Then there were the beautiful Persian wonder geckos which were cooling under a cliff.

We drove almost a day in search of the Golden Tulip. Starting from Sharjah, we wound our way to Dibba where we were supposed to turn off to Oman. A Dolphin roundabout, A Tower roundabout, and another with a Coffee Pot. We went around these many a times but couldn't find our way to Oman and the alleged Golden Tulip.

They say men never ask for directions and I didn't want to let my kind down. So neither did I.
But close to dusk with sheer luck we hit the jackpot. Now we were truly on our way to Oman and hopefully closer to the Golden Tulip.

We finally reached the gates of the Golden Tulip and heaved a sigh of relief. A sigh of relief as we drove past it to the sandy white beaches beyond. Did I mention that we were looking for the Golden Tulip Hotel in Oman? Well we were, and we found the most perfect camping spot next to it.

We set-up camp. My four-year-old son was the most excited. His parents were excited as he was. This was our first camping trip as well. 29 years of waiting was not without merit. We had the best time of our lives. A barbecue fire and the delicious smell of roasting meat.

The wind against the tent flaps and the waves echoing in our ears. We were on cloud nine. It may not have been the fluffy pillows of the Golden Tulip, but the soft sand beneath our bodies was the comfiest mattress ever.

We woke up with a start in the middle of the night. We heard two felines fighting each other. It sounded scary and we didn't know what to expect. We peered out of our tent and saw two pairs of green eyes shinning in the dark. But a loud meow had us chuckling and asleep in no time.

The squawking of sea-gulls woke us up quite early. The sun was kissing the beach as it rose majestically across the sky. It was a marvellous sight.
Then I realized that Tulips maybe white, but memories like this are worth their weight in Gold.

Thank you. Over to you Toastmaster of the day. "

Wish the delivery was a bit smoother!
But the best part of been in Toastmasters is the ability to make mistakes and learn in a very supportive enviroment....

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