Umbraco v6.1.1 - Refresher - Clean Install - Part 1

Been away from Umbraco development for a while, I decided to get the latest version of Umbraco and do a manual installation. In the meanwhile, I also wanted to make sure my source code was version controlled so that I could work off my desktop as well as my laptop.

Some of the stuff I want to achieve:
  1. Do a manual installation of Umbraco
  2. See how Umbraco behaves with MVC
  3. Use GitHub for Version Control
  4. Setup my local environment for easy debugging
  5. Use a free hosting provider to host my test website

Manual Installation of Umbraco

The latest version on was version 6.1.1. 
I downloaded the file from and unzipped it on my local machine.
Since I wanted to use GitHub to keep my two development environments (desktop & laptop) in sync, I created a "Github" directory in the root of my F drive. All the unzipped files from were placed in a "F:\Github\umbraco-playground" directory.

Creating the website in IIS

Next step was to setup IIS. My Desktop has a Windows Vista Business OS and I had installed IIS 7.0 sometime back. (TIP: you can start IIS using "inetmgr" from the Run dialog and check for the version on the MMC Menu -> Help -> About Internet Information Services)

I created a new website named as "Umbraco.Local" with the following bindings:
Type: http
IP Address: All Unassigned
Port: 80
Host name: umbraco.local

I also created an Application Pool specific for this website as follows:
Name: Umbraco.Local
.NET Framework version: .NET Framework v4.0.30319
Managed Pipeline mode: Integrated
Start application pool immediately: Checked

Accessing the site Locally

To access the URL http://umbraco.local I needed to add the following entry to the host file on my machine.       umbraco.local
Location of Host File: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
Note that you would need to open up Notepad with the "Run as Administrator" option in Windows Vista in order to edit the host file.

Typed in http://umbraco.local on the browser and Splash screen for Umbraco setup was on my browser...
I will write the details of that in my next post...

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